Silver Votivo
Red Collection

Customer Comments:

I just received the silver votive candle piece that I purchased. I love it! It is sitting on my mantle now. I am so happy to have it. Thank you!
- Leigh Ann S., Berkeley, California

On the counter - the beautiful napkin rings and wine bottle coaster.  I am so excited about your line of art!  And so grateful to be a recipient of the first of what I think will be many awesome expressions of metal meeting electricity and color.
- Jeanne A., Monterey, California

I am the proud owner of a pair of candlesticks and a set of coasters. These are treasured works of art in my house.  Each piece is made with such unique and outstanding craftsmanship.  The attention to detail is amazing.  I look forward to purchasing many more pieces in the future!
- Carol W., Highland Park, Texas

Hey Vince, those are some cool coasters.
- Matt G., Emerald Hills, California

Thank you for solving the mystery of what to buy a guy for a birthday gift! Men are notoriously difficult to shop for and now I have many options thanks to your Volta Series. And, since each piece can be engraved, I can personalize the gifts too.
- Carol K., San Francisco, California

I have the cardinal and gold small coasters.  I just love them. They stay where you put them, they don't stick to the bottom of the cup, they're great for a big coffee mug or even a cereal bowl - they're terrific! I don't like coasters usually because they fall on the floor and are more trouble than they're worth, but these are nice.
- LML, Palm Desert, California

I enjoy watching the light flicker and reflect on the wall and around the other things I have on the shelf. My red Volta Votivo really sets a romantic mood. I hope it works!
- Beth S., Hood River, Oregon

The candlesticks and napkin rings are the nicest things in our house. We need to buy better dining room furniture now...
- Sylvia and Al C., Los Angeles, California

My husband has the guys over to watch football and other sports constantly. Your coasters are a permanent fixture in our media room and bar.
- Sue C., Orange County, California