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Volta Napkin Rings:

Visually pleasing, silky to touch, and lovely to hold, Volta Napkin Rings anchor your tabletop textiles with classic geometry and modern elegance.

The Volta Napkin Rings are a study in contrasts: a sleek, angular frame surrounding a soft, radiused* center.

Volta Napkin Rings are available in silver, black, gold, and red. Each Volta Napkin Ring measures 2" square.

Created for 15Kv Design by the product designer and industrial craftsman Vince Alcouloumre, Volta Napkin Rings are made individually by Vince in his Northern California studio. Crafted from a solid block of billet aluminum, each anodized piece is signed by the artist, includes an artisan story card and ships in its' own scratch-resistant, postconsumer fleece pouch.

* A rounded corner or edge on a machined or cast piece of metal.

Napkin Rings
$30.00 each
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